Express Yourself

Here at no_data_photography you're free to show off your latest fits and express yourself through your own unique style and vision. We're ready to turn your dreams into reality thru our insanely advanced photography and videography skills. 

Meet the team

Even though it's nice having a solo show almost every time, is way more fun if you have some friends to have fun with. So let me present myself and the team I'm collaborating with over at Yello Studio. And also let's not forget about all of you who made nodata possible.


Farago Tudor Andrei

With over 7 years of experience in Adobe's Creative Cloud Suite, more than 4 years of photography and 5 years of videography, Tudor's responsible for everything no_data_crew related. Started from Instagram to Youtube. Other qualities include gimbal operator, colorist, editor web, poster, animation, clothes design, VFX artist, electrical engineering student, computer geek and programmer and AI early adopter. Projects Tudor's been working: "Crystalized Flowers", "Prom Recruitment", "Trojan.EXE Robotics Team"


Editor/Social Media
Our team just got bigger with the most adorable and hard working plushie the world has ever seen. Meet Pixel.

Nodata's fren'

Check out our friends over at Yello Studio. I swear to God that they do an amazing job. And let's not forget you can meet me there too

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The Numbers

Don't take my word for it! Here are some numbers. And what do you know about numbers? "Numbers don't lie"

Brands and people we've worked with: